Management fees and services


Our pricing consists of a fixed monthly amount of 4900 + VAT and a commission amount of 15% + VAT of the total rent paid.
So, in addition to a minimal administration fee, we only earn money in proportion to your income.

Our services cover everything you as an owner would need and we provide these services with the greatest attention to detail and quality.
We only charge extra on top of the base level pricing if we need to carry out specific repairs or maintenance tasks – these will, of course, always be approved by you, the owner before we do any work.

As an additional service, we can also perform accounting, in cooperation with our partner, one of the best domestic boutique accountants and financial consulting companies, Clinch Kft.
The fee for this is determined separately based on the ownership structure related to the apartment and is also invoiced separately from our other management activities.

List of our main services that you can enjoy from concluding a contract:

Complete technical and aesthetic inspection of the apartment after handover

Free consultation and, if required, troubleshooting of errors and problems, making necessary improvements.

Mapping the contact details of all public utility service providers and other service providers and condominiums related to the apartment and properly channeling the connections towards us.

If necessary, we also undertake headquarters and contact services at no extra charge.

Insurance administration
Account management and acting as the primary contact and representative with all service providers, condominium boards, and insurers
Professional marketing activities and tenant selection
Complete administration of contracts and all related administrative tasks, Security deposit management
Comprehensive, proactive tenant communication
Regular monitoring of the quality of the real-estate
Repair services and maintenance

Carrying out or coordinating maintenance and repairs as required. Establishing liability in the event of damage and deficiency caused by a resident and managing the compensation process. Insurance claims management.

Invoicing to residents and tracking performance

Intervention if necessary.

In case of tenant change, full inventory and damage detection, recurring deposit calculation and management.

If requested preformation and the coordination of repairs.

Plus Services

Performing accounting tasks.